Feb. 2-5 “Girls Who Drew Horses”

A woman lost in travel finds herself confronted by ghosts of her youth through dialogue with an abandoned Japanese doll. Shifting in time, place and perspective, Girls Who Drew Horses is a meditation on establishing identity and discovering freedom within its metaphysical boundaries.

Girls Who Drew Horses started as a series of monologues written by Meghann McCracken, explored in a short and intense rehearsal process with director Rebecca Frank and four local actors. Joined by composer Nick Jaina, these monologues were presented to an invited audience in October, 2011 at the Allways Lounge. Now, after thorough re-imagining, Girls Who Drew Horses returns to the Allways. Joining McCracken, Frank, and Jaina is visual artist and designer Kourtney Keller. Featuring performances by Becca Chapman, Shannon March and Jessica Podewell.

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