La Sirena: A musical

Dennis Monn (director of Threepenny Opera and co-founder of the New Orleans Fringe) and Ratty Scurvics team up once again directing the world premiere of Samantha Hubb’s dark musical comedy, La Sirena.

August 18-28            Thurs.-Sun.       $15 (at door)        $12 (online)

Tickets now available online!

Starring….        Vatican Lokey         Otter             Richard Mayer     Samantha Hubbs

Opera singer Marina Morelli is having another birthday, and is considering plastic surgery. The diva gets more than she had bargained for when her estranged husband, Giancarlo, an extreme S&M enthusiast, surprises her with a meeting with Dr Trenton Crane, a world-famous surgical artist, and his “creations”: his wife, Barbara, and his assistant, Azmodius. The music soars and the body parts fly in this twisted, bloody shock-rock opera…It will leave you in stitches!

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