EXTENDED FOR YOUR PLEASURE! ONE SHOW ONLY THURS. JUNE 6 8PM “Crimes Against Nature: A Love Story” Music by Ratty Scurvics Directed by: Dennis Monn

crimespostercardCrimes Against Nature is a bizarre and twisted romantic comedy featuring a co-dependent dysfunctional relationship between Happy and Gaye Daye, who happen to be first cousins (and they know it) as well as clowns (and they don’t know it.) The situation goes from bad to worse, and even worse, and then surprise! Worse still… Not to worry, all romantic comedies have a happy ending!

Created by:  Otter     Book by: Dennis Monn   Music by: Ratty Scurvics

Directed by: Dennis Monn

Featuring animation by Thomas Little and Lisa vanWambeck. Original score by Ratty Scurvics!

featuring:  Otter…Dennis Monn…Veronica Belletto…Thugsy….Sick

Crimes Against Nature

Crimes Against Nature

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