The Moments that Shape Us April 13-22 7pm (4PM Sundays)

See these actors transform effortlessly into various characters to create a stage production that is universally relate-able! From little kids, to comedic elders, heart ache to heart break, addiction, love and so much more; this play pulls you in with reality, entices you with laughter and leaves you physically speechless but emotionally begging for more. Heavy dialog, playful transitions and lyrically profound poetry are the key components in what makes this play life changing! Follow Brandy, J.P. and Sade’ through the tears, smiles and all that lies between as their past memories create present pain and heartache. Watch them battle Love, Abuse, Addiction, and Absentee Parents as they decide whether or not to repeat a dangerous cycle. Witness the struggle of hang-ups, breakdowns and their break through as they bring to life the Moments that Shape Us!

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