Welcome to Desire March 16-25


A delicious, pheromone pumping inspiration from Tennessee Williams classic. Stanley is an animal, a beast who is King of his Jungle. 2 ferociously sexy cats are his entourage and Mitch is their animal tamer. Stella is a punk-rock Venus Di Milo who gorges h…erself on Stanley’s loins. There is a struggle between Man and Beast as testosterone and virility are tested. Is our voluptuous diva Blanche the true victor when she turns into a tarantula and devours her prey, or will she be overcome by Stanley’s Jungle? A disco floor is Blanche’s fantasy world and shadow puppets are her stark reality. Matt Bell and His Orchestra play an original score to fill your ears and touch your souls. WELCOME TO OUR ARENA WHERE LUST, LONELINESS AND POWER EXPLODE. IF YOU GET SCORCHED, WE WILL LICK YOUR WOUNDS.


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