NOLA Project is back w/ AJ Allegra’s “Oregon Trail” Nov. 14th – Nov. 24th

The NOLA Project presents ‘Oregon Trail: The Play’, an irreverent and hilarious new play based on the popular computer game from the 1980s and 90s.

Writer and director, A.J. Allegra, brings his unique and quirky sense of humor to the story of the Bootsmeyer family as they try to survive the grueling cross-country journey…and each other. Like a hybrid of ‘Bonanza’, ‘The Simpsons’, and ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, ‘Oregon Trail: The Play’ pays tribute to the American traditions of Westerns, dysfunctional families, and cross-country road trips — all with the trappings of the beloved game played by so many millions in school.

FEATURING: James Bartelle, Natalie Boyd, Jared Gore, Sam Dudley, Keith Claverie, Alex Ates, Andrew Doss, Hope Barnard, and Bob Murrell.

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