“Send In the Clown” a new play by: Ace Denison Fri.- Sun. Feb. 20-22 $12

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Starlite Starbrite Productions is pleased to announce the return of our hit play, ‘Send in the Clown’ at The Allways Theater after our successful run at Fringe Fest 2014! ‘Send in the ‘Clown’ follows the rise and fall of Italian-American mobster, Carmine “the Clown” Difazzio. Carmine isn’t actually a clown, he just looks like one. Carmine is afflicted with a rare skin condition labled “Clownopecia” which renders him the appearance of circus clown. His skin pearl white, nose and mouth as red as Rudolph, mysterious blue diamonds surround both eyes and his feet are abnormally large. Such a condition would be stressful enough on its own. But when you’re also part of a dangerous Mafia family, you’re in love with the daughter of the Don of that family and you are continuously nagged by the ghost of your dead mother, then you’ve got the premise of ‘Send in the Clown.’ Equal parts Good Fellas, Othello and Bozo, ‘Send in the Clown’ will take audiences on a ride they will not soon forget. Coming Soon to The Allways Theater in February!!! Friday, February 20th 8:00pm Saturday, February 21st 7:00 and 9:00pm Sunday, February 22nd 5:00pm Cast (In order of appearance): Chris Fontana: Carlo Spignetti Tony Pallo: Joey Boom Boom Craig Leydecker: Carmine “The Clown” Difazzio Marcelle Webb Shaneyfelt: Sophia Difazzio Joe Fredo: Officer O’Malley Tucker Godbold: Young Carmine Difazzio Will Hite: Young Johnny Scramuzza Jeff Ramirez: “That Fuckin mime” and Reporter Chad Robicheaux Johnny Rock: Don Angelo Ian Everett: Roberto “The Stooge” and The Bartender Richard Diez: Dino Fratelli Manoli Ioannidis: “Pretty Boy” Johnny Jude Carbo: Dominic Pinizatti Shane LeCocq: Bobby Damone Claire Frederiksen: Gina Angelo Scott Rubin: Judge Gerald Monroe Ashley Treadaway: Mona Fredrique! Krewe: Luke Powell: All around Egon/Set builder/Lighting Alex Hood: Sound and music Rogelio Roy Espinosa: Filming/Editor/Projection Hunter Skalos: Grip Ashley Treadaway: Makeup Shane Lecocq: Assistant Director Ace Denison: Writer/Director

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